What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Roofer in CT

  1. Is the Roofer Licensed and Insured?
  2. Does the Roofer Have References That You Can Contact?
  3. Does the Roofer Provide a Written Contract?
  4. What is the Roofer’s Reputation?
  5. Avoid Cold Calling or Visiting Roofers

what you need to know before hiring a roofer in ctMost homeowners hardly pay any attention to the fifth wall of their home. The roof of their home is also known as the fifth wall and is probably the most important of all the walls in your home.  It protects you from extreme weather and helps regulate the temperature in your home. If you are living in Connecticut, you are more than aware that your roof must endure lots of rain and snow during the spring, fall and winter season.  You also know that your home will undoubtedly deal with extreme weather conditions ranging from hurricanes to blizzards. If you are noticing cracks or signs of damage to your roof, you cannot take it lightly or ignore the problem for a long time.  There are many roofers in Connecticut but how do you find a specialist who is also reliable and honest?

Here are 5 Tips to Finding a Qualified and Experienced Roofer in CT

1. Is the Roofer Licensed and Insured?                 

It is necessary to hire services of a roofing expert who is licensed to do roof repairs and replacements in Connecticut.  Before agreeing to a contract with the roofer ask for their license information and verify it with the state. If the roofer is unlicensed you have no recourse in the event something goes wrong with the repair or replacement. Confirming that the roofer you hire has a valid license allows you to rest a little easier knowing that the state of Connecticut has verified the roofer is qualified to do the work on your roof.

Roof repair in CT is a risky job where workers can easily become injured because of an accident. If the roofing contractor does not have insurance then the homeowner can be liable for injuries or worse.  Your homeowner’s insurance (if you have any) will then need to cover the injury claim.  Confirm that the roofing company is fully insured before allowing them to do any work.  Without full insurance, you or your homeowner’s insurance will become liable for damages and injuries.

2. Ask for References from Recent Roof Repair or Replacement Jobs

A good quality experienced roofer should be able to provide references from customers for which they have provided roof repair or replacement services in the past. While testimonials on their website or web properties are great don’t assume they are legitimate reviews. Ask the roofer for at least 2-3 of their recent clients that can provide a reference, and get a phone number so that you can call them.  Ask the client for their overall experience with the roofer.  Good questions to ask include:

  • Were the workers professional and courteous?
  • Did the roofer complete the job on schedule?
  • Did they maintain a clean working environment, and clean up any mess that was created?
  • What was the quality of the work provided?
  • What was your overall opinion of the roofing company?

Make sure to follow through with this step.  In today’s society, there are lots of scams run by less than legitimate service providers.  It’s important to know who you are dealing with.

3. Insist on a Written Contract From the Roofer

Unfortunately, a handshake doesn’t mean what it used to.  There have been many cases where CT roofers and home repair companies have sprung a surprise on the client.  The surprise usually winds up costing the homeowner more money than originally agreed upon.  It is better to get everything written in a contract including his estimate for the cost of repair and the type of work he is expected to carry out.

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It’s also important to have the start and end dates of the work to be clearly stated in the contract otherwise you may find your roof repair dragged out for an extended period of time.  It’s not a great feeling to have a home repair service provider take advantage of your trusting nature.

4. Check the Roofing Company’s Reputation and Experience

Let’s be honest.  Anyone can have a website created and add any information they want.  Anyone can claim they have years of experience.  Do a little research before allowing a roof repair contractor in your home. Use the internet and search for the company and the owner.  You might be surprised what you turn up.  Go past the first page of Google when doing this research.  Check for reviews that may not be favorable.  Check the BBB website for complaints.  Check their Facebook page, Google Business Listing and Yelp page for reviews.  If you’re still not sure then you can also call the state of Connecticut to determine if there have been an abnormal amount of complaints or concerns raised.

5. Cold Calling or Visiting Roofers Should be Avoided

5 Tips to Hiring a Roofing Contractor in CTThis really applies to almost every service business.  If someone shows up at your door claiming to offer roof repairs and try to convince you that your roof is in need of repair then close the door and DO NOT proceed.  It is very difficult to determine what repairs a roof may or may not need with just a glance.  More than likely these people are trying to scam you or worse.

Cold callers also have no way of knowing what repairs are needed.  They may try to convince you that they do but there is no way to know unless you have already had your roof inspected by a professional roofer.  Do not commit to anything over the phone.  Even if you have concerns about your roof it’s best to do your research and follow these steps to ensure you are working with a reputable and experienced roofing contractor.

We hope this blog post helps you with ensuring you hire the best roofer for the job.  These steps should be followed for any service provider to protect your home and your bank account.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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  1. Wow this is so important yet a lot of people aren’t aware of this! Thank you so much for sharing. Really informative.

  2. These are great questions to ask a roofer no matter where you live! I am saving your post so I can refer to it in the future when we need to do our roof again! Great post!

  3. Great tips… and I love how you refer to the roof as the 5th wall 🙂 I’ve never had to replace a roof, but was a Maintenance Manager for years and cannot stress enough how important the details of the contract can be!

  4. Roof issues are among the largest and most expensive expense a homeowner can have. It is vital to be careful and well-informed when hiring a roofer. It is best to find out as much information before rushing into an arrangement.

  5. Great share. Thanks for sharing your post. I will keep this in mind as it does help in deciding what to do!!!! I highly appreciate that, thanks for sharing, and keep up the amazing work. I live in fall river ma, not in CT and I’m planning to change the type of roof and have gutter repair fall river ma that has been installed for my house for a long time. Good luck and keep posting!

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