4 Tips For Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane in CT

Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

Preparing your Home for a Hurricane or Tropical Storm in CT Unless you don’t use Facebook, watch the news or talk to people you’ve probably heard there’s a massive hurricane cutting a path straight towards the southeast part of the United States.  While hurricanes are not as common in Connecticut we do occasionally get one.  […]

5 Ways Damaged Rain Gutters Can Wreak Havoc On Your Home

damaged rain gutter

It has been an unusually wet July and early August for Connecticut. The forecast shows more rain coming this week.  While going from job to job we pay attention to other homes or business roofs.  We have noticed quite a few rain gutters that are in a state of disrepair. The team at Yargueta Construction […]

How to Check for Roof Leaks or Damage After a Severe Storm

summer storms in connecticut cause roof damage

Homeowners should look for roof and rain gutter damage after severe storms in Connecticut.  Check for signs of water damage in your attic and around your chimney. How to Check for Damage or Leaks after a Summer Storm in Connecticut? In Connecticut, summers storms can be sudden and unexpected.  They can also be violent in […]